Praise For Super Baby Food

“Super Baby Food is a fantastic guide for introducting your baby to delicious and wholesome homemade foods.”

Martha Stewart,
The Martha Stewart Show (Nov 2011)

“Ruth Yaron has done it again! The original Super Baby Food was a monumental breakthrough; this major update is a treasure. Babies are built out of food, and Yaron has made it simple for parents to give their children food they can feel great about: easy, inexpensive, safe, tasty, and fabulous for their kids.”

Alan Greene, MD
Pediatrician, Founder DrGreene.com and author of Feeding Baby Green

“Super Baby Food is the bible of infant feeding. Ruth is obsessed with babies, nutrition and health. She has done all the research, so busy parents like you, don’t have to. Packed with tips, recipes, and important information, this comprehensive guide will help you through the first few years.”

Dr. Jenn Berman
author of SuperBaby:12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years

“There is nothing more important to a parent than their child’s health and well-being. Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food, Third Edition, is a useful and easy-to-read tool that helps parents learn how to feed their children the very best wholesome, nutritious and tasty food right from the start.”

Elizabeth Pantley, author of the award-winning ‘No-Cry Solution’ books series, including
The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution: Gentle Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat–and Eat Healthy

“I make my own baby food. I have this great book called Super Baby Food that is full of ideas.”

Praise for previous editions of Super Baby Food:

Kourtney Kardashian,
Interview with Parenting Magazine (Feb 2011)

“I’ve had Super Baby Food since little R was born and it has been an invaluable resource, especially when we started weaning/eating solids around 6 months. Go buy it if you are pregnant or are weaning, it is a fab book.”

Kourtney Kardashian,
Kourtney and Kim Take New York

“Ruth lays out step by step instructions that will not only save you money but will also show you how it can be easily done with a minimal amount of time commitment. She shows you how to make your own baby food for about 1/3 of the cost of buying commercially processed baby foods.”

Dawn S.,

“I cannot say enough how much I like this book! In short, it is almost 600 pages of everything you have ever wanted to know about preparing your own vegetarian baby food, along with chapters on nutrition, making baby-safe household cleaning products and pest repellant, frugal home and craft tips, growing your own herbs, and more.”

Shayla Roberts,

“I am a big fan of Super Baby Food. This book has a lot of great information. Some of my favorite baby recipes come from a variation of the recipes in this book. I love the section on Baby Cereals.”

Enjoying Healthy Foods.com

“…pick up the book. Even if you don’t make your own baby food, the lady has foods you can introduce as certain ages. … It has really enlightened me and I’m grateful for the book…just not my ability to puree.”

Anne Marie,
The FootballMommy.com

“I’m still going through this book… but I can’t put it down… I’ve highlighted… used tabs… sticky notes… you name it… I have it sticking out of the book in all sections…lol. Thank you to Super Baby Food for sending me the new toddler feeding “bible” in this house!”

The Baby Bottom Line

“Starting solids is a big milestone. In my research to prepare for Elle’s first solid meal, I received some great tips from Ruth Yaron, author of the best-selling baby food cookbook, “Super Baby Food.” Ruth has been guiding parents through starting their babies on solids since 1996.”


“…this is a miracle book for me! It gives me everything I need to know and do about my child’s food needs. It is like the dictionary for baby’s nutritional needs. It keeps me in control of my child’s nutrition because there is a bunch or recipes that I can do plus numerous tips and bits on how to keep them safe. It taught me when, how and what food to feed my little one.”

Natural Mama

Lists Super Baby Food #1 on their “Must Have” booklist!

Surviving Motherhood

“After nearly six months of making homemade baby food, I stumbled across Super Baby Food, a resourceful baby food book by Ruth Yaron. Super Baby Food is the tell-all baby feeding book (written by a mom) that teaches you how to put the super in your baby-to-toddler meals, a helpful guide to anyone who wants to learn how to make homemade baby food, but doesn’t know where to start.”

Every Mom Has Her Day.com

Super Baby Food makes the “Readers Top 15 Parenting Books” List on BabyCheapSkate.com


Super Baby Food is encyclopedic in both scope and size. Ounce for hefty ounce, this manual/cookbook/reference guide is worth its weight in formula.”

Sumi Hahn,
Amazon.com Reviewer

“I cannot say enough how much I like this book… In short, it is almost 600 pages of everything you have ever wanted to know about preparing your own vegetarian baby food.”

Shaula Roberts,
Vegafamily.com Reviewer

“Ruth Yaron challenges our ideas of traditional baby food by offering up other ingredients for home-blended meals. She explains how to whirl up vegetables and fruits in your blender and then dump it into ice cube trays to freeze and store.”

Joy Hatch,
Greenbaby.com Reviewer

“There are a multitude of topics covered in this book, all of which are extremely practical.” “…the book also contains everything else possible that could come under the category of feeding your baby. I have never seen a more thorough book on baby advice!”

MaryEllen Bream,
The Deal Scoop

“It’s true that as parents we all want to do the best we can for our children in every possible way, but no one ever said that was easy especially when it comes to convincing them to eat the right foods. Ruth Yaron’s “Super Baby Food” book is what every parent needs to help them with feeding their child for the first three years of life. ”

Jessica Miller,

“We give Super Baby Food 5 Stars!”


…(Super Baby Food) is PACKED FULL of information. There is information on preparing so many different fruits and vegetables, as well as tips for growing your own and other natural household cleaning tips/remedies. I think it is a great gift for any new or expectant mom…or for that next baby shower you have to attend!”

Kayla Aimee,

“Guided by Ruth Yaron’s incredibly indispensable book “Super Baby Food” (superbabyfood.com), we have a freezerful of Jack’s food cubes (frozen purees in tablespoon portions), and I carefully plan his menu mindful of the fruits, veggies, grains and protein allowed for his age.”

Jemps Gallegas Yuvienco, Philippine Daily Inquirer

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