Super Baby Food

Super Baby Food is the best-selling baby food book of all time!

Completely Revised and Updated Edition Has Arrived!

Absolutely everything you need to know about feeding your baby during the first three years of life! With over half a million copies already in the hands of savvy parents, Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron provides a complete baby food preparation system and go-to food reference manual.

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  • The most up-to-date, medically and nutritionally sound information on what and when to feed babies and toddlers.
  • Comprehensive lists of fruits and vegetables, including cooking instructions and nutritional values, plus easy baby food storage and freezing tips.
  • Over 350 money-saving, easy-to-make recipes, for your baby’s very first meal through toddlerhood and beyond!
  • Feeding schedule templates and worksheets, making it easy to feed your baby an organic, healthy, and balanced diet.
  • Important information about food allergies that every parent needs to know before introducing solid foods.
  • What to expect when your baby starts finger-feeding, drinking from a cup and self-feeding with a spoon and fork.
  • Ideas for easily adding nutrition to an everyday meal by including Healthy Extras like kelp, tahini, and nutritional yeast (among others) so that every bite counts.
  • Hundreds of economical and timesaving childcare and kitchen safety tips, including ways to keep your baby safe and happy while traveling
  • Everything you ever wanted to know to “go green” in your home including selecting and finding organic foods, creating homemade household products and homemade baby products, tips for recycling, and much more.
  • Invaluable resources and tips to find organic foods and other natural baby products, and connect online with the ever-growing Super Baby Food Community.



The kindle version of Super Baby Food 3rd Edition is now available!

Going Green for Your Super Baby delivers practical, helpful ways to be environmentally safe and protective for your baby and you. Whether it is learning how to choose ‘organic’ and why this is important for your baby…to making green household cleaners from scratch for baby’s toys and green pesticides for all areas of the home…to growing your own vegetables or frequenting the local farmers market…it’s all there at your fingertips to launch into GREEN or supplements what you already do.

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